Canadian Team Members

Although there are a number of players sponsored by Kastaplast from all over the world here is a spotlight of the current Canadian team members.

Geoffrey "Gmac" mcnamara

PDGA# 31304

List of Official Sponsors:
Kastaplast (Disc Manufacturer), ReDox Clothing, Ace Runners Disc Golf 

Favorite Course:
Hillcrest Disc Golf Course, Bonshaw, PEI. Hands down. 

Home Course:
Coal Creek, Comox Valley, and Bowen Park Nanaimo, BC. 

Home Town:

Which Disc Golf Bag do you use?

Current - Lat 64 Luxury (First Edition, New for 2019 Season... ? 

Beginner Tip:
Slow is smooth, smooth is far.  Worry less about big arm discs, and learn to throw a putter - backhand and forehand.  The distance game will come with practice, until then, scramble golf is your best friend.  Master it.  If you wish to improve your game, stop watching all those fun YouTube videos, over and over until confusion sets in, and go throw.  Be Manic, get excited about making mistakes and learn from them.  Surround yourself with advanced level disc golfers and ask questions.  Most Pros are more than happy to help you improve your game.  

Most Memorable Disc Golf Moment(s)
Playing strong, overcoming stress and adversity, and finishing 4th at the 2019 Canadian Nationals (MP40), on PEI... during a hurricane! 

Favorite Disc :
Kastaplast Kaxe, followed very closely by the Kastaplast Reko

What's in your Bag

Kastaplast Drivers - 166g K1 Grym, 172g K1 Grym X, 172g First Run K1 Rask - Innova 172g G Star Shryke.   Kastaplast Fairway Drivers - 171g K1 Glow Falk, 172g K1 Stockholm Stamp Falk,  172g K1 Stal, 172g First Run Stal, 150g Innova Champion Teebird. 

Kastaplast Midrange - 166g K1 GMAC Kaxe, 173g K3 Kaxe, 177g First Run K1 Gote.  

Kastaplast Putters - 3x 172g First Run K3 Reko, 2x 175g White Team Stamp K3 Reko, 2x 175g K1 Glow Reko, 175g White K3 Berg.  


Kristy Lee

PDGA# 75818

List of Official Sponsors:
Kastaplast (Disc Manufacturer), Ace Runners Disc Golf

Facebook Link:

Instagram Link

Favorite Course:
Pender Island Disc Golf Park, BC

Home Course:
Bowen Park, Nanaimo, BC

Home Town:
Victoria, BC

Which Disc Golf Bag do you use?:
Mostly I use an over the shoulder bag with single strap.  I sometimes use a Gorilla Boy Simian Bag for the built-in seat.

Beginner Tip:
I would give new players a lower speed disc to start.

Most Memorable Disc Golf Moment(s):
I have had many memorable moments playing for Team Canada in the first World Team Disc Golf Championships 2016 (Vancouver) and again 2017 WTDGC (Colchester, England) where the Canadians were Gold Medalists!

Favorite Disc:
I love the Reko and Falk; they are straight flying versatile discs.

What's in your Bag?
Reko K1 172; Reko K3 173; Meteor 2006 ace race; Kaxe Z K2 174; Orion Lf 150 Serius; Grym K1 160; Falk K1 170; Shryke Star 160; Air Bolt 155